Maths, Science

Magical Materials

 In Science we are investigating materials. This week we were finding out which material is the best at keeping things warm. We put hot water in 6 different cups and wrapped them in newspaper, cling film, toy stuffin, tinfoil, think and thin fabric. We all took turns at measuring the temperature of the water. We found that toy stuffing was the best material to keep the water warm. Science is fun!


Paper Planes! 

This week in Litracy we have been learning how to follow instructions. Today we looked at some instructions on how to make a paper aeroplanes. We thought about what was good and what was bad about the instructions we were given, and how easy they were to follow. We had a great time making and decorating our paper aeroplanes and we were so excited to practice throwing them outside. What fun!  


Speaking and Listening

Spanish for Beginners

Today we had our first Spanish lesson. With the help of Carolina (a Spanish speaker) we started learning a Spanish song and we are also beginning to use some Sapnish words. Carolina also read us a story in Spanish which we understood! It was a lovely introduction to another language and we are really looking forward to our next lesson next Friday. Now on our whiteboard, the teacher writes the date in English and Spanish every day to help us remember some of the words we are learning.