Dancing the Brazilian way.

Carolina brought Brazil into the Ospreys classroom on Friday. Brazilian music flowed through the speakers for the children to dance to. They were showed Brazilian children dancing and singing to the same music as them on the computer. Lots of fun and enjoyment were had by all. Thank you to Carolina for sharing the Brazilian way.


Brazilian sweets.

On Friday, Carolina came into Ospreys and gave us an insight to some Brazilian loveliness. The children were given the chance to make some Brazilian sweets known as Brigadeiros. They had lots of fun making the sweets and were really excited when it was time to try the sweets. Ospreys are looking forward to doing some more Brazilian cooking later in the week.


Painting Still Life

We have been learning about the wide range of different fruit grown in Brazil. A selection of the fruit found its way to our classroom and we were able to look at them carefully before we painted them. There were bananas, coconuts, limes, oranges, papayas,  passion fruits and pineapples. Yummy! It was because after we had painted them all we ……. ate them! There was of course a price, we had to write about what they looked like and what they tasted of, we enjoyed doing that too. Our teacher says we are going to do some Maths based on the fruit next week, we can’t wait to do that too.



Ospreys have been making their very own Rainsticks. They have painted kitchen rolls with colourful paint,then they have cut circles out of colourful paper to make the ends of the Rainsticks. The Ospreys scrunched up a line of tinfoil which was going inside their sticks before choosing to put lentils,pasta or rice in the Rainsticks. The Ospreys are having lots of fun making the Rainsticks.


Let’s Have a Carnival!

Today Ospreys began to practice their Brazilian dance with Mrs Smith. They all worked really well learning different dance moves and putting them together to make a routine. Ospreys have only practiced half of the dance and are really looking forward to learning the rest of the dance next week. Look out after half term for the chance to come and see Ospreys do their Brazilian dance!


Autumn leaves in watercolours.

On a sunny autumn afternoon, Ospreys went out onto the playground to paint their leaves using watercolours. The children looked at the colours of their leaves which had been kept back from last week. Ospreys have sketched their leaves as well as painting them and are enjoying looking at the different colours and shapes of leaves.