Daily Archives: February 1, 2018

Art Week: Using ICT to produce and format images


In their computing lesson this week, Ospreys used Publisher software to reproduce and format images. We have been learning about the use of celebrity faces, such as Marylin Monroe, Elvis, and Mohammed Ali, in the work of POP artists such as Andy Warhol. Each pupil chose an image of a favourite current celebrity and pasted this into a Publisher page. The image was then copied, pasted repeatedly and evenly aligned on the page. One set of images were printed in black and white, to be coloured by hand. Another set of images were reformatted using editing tools and commands in Publisher, adjusting the contrast, colour and transparency of each individual image to create a series of POP Art effects.


Art week: Still Life Studies


Ospreys have been learning about the work of the Pop artist Andy Warhol for Art Week. Pupils completed a reading comprehension about his life and creative ideas. We then discussed his most famous series of paintings of Campbell’s Soup, and used his ideas to do a still life study of an everyday, iconic branded food product. Pupils first sketched their chosen item into their sketch books, before starting a larger sketch and panting it. Our finished paintings will feature on a display of our different activities for Art Week.