Science: Forces and Magnets

What is a force? Ospreys began learning with their new science topic today. Pupils discussed what we mean by a force, and gathered together different verbs which can describe the action of a force. Pupils did an investigation to see how they could make a drawing clip move on a piece of paper using a magnet, without making contact with it. Pupils also thought of a question about magnets they would like to learn the answer to, and wrote these onto a post it note, which we stuck on the board.


Maths: Measures and Data

In our Maths this week, we are learning about measures. Yesterday we measured degrees of turn, and today we measured each other’s heights, using metres and centimetres. Pupils recorded their measurements into a table, and then organised the data, to rank the heights from tallest to shortest. In our Computing lesson this week we will use our measurements to create a database of the heights of all the pupils in Ospreys, and then use software tools to organise and present the data in different ways.


Ospreys’ Class Play Performance

After all the rehearsals and hard work during the final weeks of the Spring Term, Ospreys did their final performances of Roald Dahl’s Revolting Rhymes musical version of Cinderella. Pupils have really enjoyed developing, rehearsing, improving and performing the script, and we have been very grateful for the help we had from everyone at Gastrells in bringing it together. The performances went very well, with no forgotten lines or missing props.

Well done Ospreys!



Thursday 29th March

Ospreys have been developing their understanding of coordinates, map reading and directions through orienteering. A course of flags is set out around the school grounds and Pupils use a map of the school to locate each flag by following a set of coordinates. Each flag has a differently patterned hole puncher, with which pupils punch their card. The first team to complete their card is the winner! Ospreys are encouraged to develop teamwork skills by working with different partners each time. The winning team on this course found all flags and completed their card in 18 minutes.