PE: Sportshall Athletics Decathlon

On 6th February, Ospreys took part in a sports event in the hall, involving ten mini-sports events. These included standing high jump and long jump, hop/skip/jump, bean bag throw, short sprint relay, javelin throw and speed jumping. Pupils had great fun trying some activities for the first time, improving their techniques and beating individual targets. Each pupil received a certificate, citing their level of achievement.


Science: Investigating Properties of Rocks

Ospreys have been learning all about different types of rocks; how rock is formed and how different rocks are used by people according to their properties. In our Science lesson this week, pupils each took three different samples of rocks, and tested them. We tested the hardness of rock by seeing if it could be scratched or worn away with a metal implement. We tested the rock to see how it would react with acid, by dropping vinegar onto it. If the rock contained organic material, then it would fizz with the acid, showing it to be sedimentary rock. We tested the rock for absorbency, or permeability, by dropping water onto it. We noted the colour, pattern and granularity of the rock samples, and recorded whether it contained crystals or shiny particles. We then used a flow diagram to work out what kind of rock it might be.


Science: Rocks, Fossils and Dinosaurs Day at The Museum in The Park.

30th January

Ospreys wrapped up warm to set of from school for their walk to The Museum in the Park. We were met by Stephen and Amy for our day of activities. We split into three groups and began by finding out about how rock is formed and changed over time by forces of nature. We looked at samples of different kinds of rocks and talked about their properties and uses. Next, we explored the museum exhibits, following a trail with questions relating to fruits of the earth, including different rocks and metals used by people over hundreds of years. We then met Amy in the dinosaur room, to look closely at the museum’s collection of local fossils. We found out about different dinosaurs that once roamed the Stroud area, what they ate, how they lived, and what caused them to disappear. After lunch, we met Stephen in the museum garden to look at examples of local limestone. Pupils got to have a go at cutting blocks of stone using a rock hammer, and discussed the properties of Cotswold stone that make it useful for building. Ospreys had a busy and fun packed day.