Butterfly Observation Walk on Rodborough Common

On a beautiful sunny morning, Ospreys set off across the school field, up the steep walk to the Common, where we met the Butterfly Conservation Officer for Rodborough Common. Jen told us about the features of the Common that made it a special habitat for many species of butterfly, including the rare Duke of Burgundy and Adonis Blue. We learned that the Duke of Burgundy butterfly lays its eggs on the underside of the leaves of cowslip flower plants, and that the Adonis Blue prefers chalky limestone grassland habitats. Ospreys set off in small groups to look to see what species of butterfly they could spot, ticking off those that they saw and taking photos. Each group also made an audio recording of the sounds they could hear, which will be used as part of our art installation for the Rodborough Hidden Gardens Project. We walked across the Common to the fort, where we stopped for a break to play in the sunshine, before walking back down the hill to school in time for lunch.

What an interesting and fun morning!


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