DT, Science

Magnet Games with Peregrines

On Monday, Ospreys welcomed pupils from Peregrines to our class, to try out the magnet games designed by Ospreys over the last few weeks. Peregrines were challenged to guide a boat with a magnet without touching it, to find their way through a haunted house without getting ghosts stuck to them; to follow a river without being bitten by piranhas; to guide pac man to safety without being trapped by a ghost; to catch numbered fish and place them on the correct number sentence. Each game was designed to teach something about magnets. Ospreys have worked well together in groups to bring their creative ideas into being, and Peregrines enjoyed playing the games.


Ospreys at School Sports Day

Ospreys were in action for all the different events at sports day on Friday. Everyone did very well in the individual mini Olympic events before lunch, and there were some really close finishes on the Year 2 and Year 3 races. We were very proud to get so many medals in our class, and well done to Mateo for the highest scoring boy, helping Painswick to a well earned victory.