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Friday 22nd May 2020

Happy Friday and happy last day of term my lovely, crazy Ospreys!! I just wanted to say how proud I am of each and every one of you. You have worked so hard this term (like you normally do) and I’m so impressed that you have upheld such a positive attitude to learning. Let me tell you, it’s been so easy to write all of your reports because I have so much work to look at and refer to!! Well done you cheeky monkeys. As your parents will have seen, a letter came out this week, talking about next term. From the 1st of June, I will be teaching year 1 at school, whilst you all stay at home (for the time being). I will still be setting work on here for you, but a lot of it will be BBC bitesize based or similar. Please still email me and post your work on the blog- I still want to see your lovely faces and amazing work! We aren’t sure exactly when you’ll be back at school, but I really do hope it is soon, as I miss you all millions. As it is the last day of term, I thought you could have a choice with your work;

English- Free write Friday. Write a story of your choice. You can add pictures if you wish and it can be about anything you want.

Maths- https://www.timestables.co.uk/

Topic- Watch a film of your choice and design a poster for it. Think about the title and using different characters.

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World record attempt

Hi Ospreys:) As many of you love Art for Kids hub, I thought I’d introduce you to another site. Some of you may have visited this site before, it’s called Draw with Rob. Rob is trying to break a WORLD RECORD today, with as many people participating in an online art lesson. I know lots of the Sparrowhawks are joining in, so if you would like to too, here is the link- http://www.robbiddulph.com/draw-with-rob It runs from 4-.30pm today- enjoy!

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Wednesday 20th May 2020

Good Mooooooorning Ospreys! I hope you enjoyed the beautiful weather yesterday, I certainly did!! I’ve bought some water balloons to play with today, I am going to use them for target practice!

Maths- please continue with https://www.timestables.co.uk/

English- Here is your picture of the day;

Please follow the Geography lesson from yesterday (19th) to match with our English:) https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/articles/zbqsvk7

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Tuesday 19th May 2020

Good morning Ospreys:) How are you guys doing? I have a new teaching assistant for today, called Mia! She has been helping me choose your work for today! She says ‘Hello Ospreys! I miss you so much, I’d like to see you again soon! Stay safe, love Mia’. It has been so lovely to look through all of your videos- I’m just trying to make the file size smaller so I can upload it for you all! Mia has checked it at school for you and loves it:)

Maths- please continue with your times table practise. Choose a different number to focus on today. https://www.timestables.co.uk/

English- Mia has chosen today’s picture. The same rules apply- it can be a descriptive paragraph of a story.

Topic- Mia and I have decided that we would like you to create your own version of the night sky photo. You may use whatever materials you like- please upload your masterpieces onto Seesaw!

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Monday 18th May 2020

Hi Ospreys, welcome to your final week before half term!! I hope you’ve all had fantastic weekends and enjoyed some time doing things you love. This week is going to be a little different;

Maths- We are going to be focusing on times tables this week, with you guys choosing which ones to learn. I would like you to choose ones that are on your passport, or higher (those of you on North/South America, I’d like you to do 7,8,9,11&12). You need to choose a different times table each day and select the correct tab on the website. There are lots of games and challenges for each times table, with worksheets at the end. It would be great if you could complete at least one worksheet a day, providing you have time (remember, don’t spend more than a lessons worth of time-one hour- on any subject). https://www.timestables.co.uk/

English- Each day, you will be given a picture. I would like you to write a descriptive paragraph, using as many descriptive devices as you can (similes, metaphors, alliterations, powerful adjectives etc.). Be as creative as you can- I’ve seen what you can all write in class and I’m always blown away by it! You may choose to write a story instead- that’s fine! Today’s picture is;

Topic- I would like you to choose an experiment (any one you want!) and try it out with a parent. Have fun:) https://sciencebob.com/category/experiments/

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Friday 15th May 2020

Happy Friday my lovely Ospreys!! Well done for making it to the end of another week, I’m super impressed with you all🙌🏻 here are your tasks for today;

English- BBC Bitesize, Friday 15th Y3☺️

Maths- I have attached a sheet linked to measurement and body parts- did you know that in ancient times, people used to measure using their forearm, hand or finger?! Have a go at the challenges on the sheet. (sorry for the format parents, my laptop isn’t letting me download so having to screenshot the document as an image!)

Topic- I would like you to mix dance/PE and music together today. Choose a song from the Jungle Book and make up a dance/circuit for it. You can dress up/involved parents/make a music video- what ever you want! Enjoy☺️