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Hello from all of the children in the Ospreys class of 2014/15 at Gastrells Primary School. Please enjoy browsing through our work and some of the activities that we get up to during our time in school. It’s a great class to be a part of.

Gladiator Shields and Daggers . . . continued


Monday 16th October

Ospreys today carried on with their World Awareness DT project. Pupils began by putting a first coat of paint onto their shields. They then finished constructing their daggers, making a handle grip, before painting them. Not everyone chose to make a gladius, or dagger; we also have a number of spears and a few tridents, as well as one fearsome looking mace. This afternoon we put the decoration details and Roman motifs onto our shields, and made handle straps secured with split pins. Most people got everything finished by the end of the day. There will be a class photo of all the gladiators, armed and ready for combat, by the end of this week.



Class Assembly: The Story of Rama and Sita


Friday 13th October

Finally, after all our rehearsals, the day came for our final performance! Ospreys all got into their costumes, and before the whole school and assembled parents performed our own version of the Indian folk tale, The Story of Rama and Sita, which we have been learning about in Literacy, and also in R.E. Everyone played their role really well: the narrators, the King of Kosala, Evil Step Mother, Princes and Princesses, Monkey King Hanuman and his legion of Monkeys, demon King Ravana and his enchanted golden deer. Afterwards, we all gathered in the amphitheatre for a photo of the cast! 


D.T. – Making Gladiator Shields and Daggers


Friday 13th October

Ospreys today put their design plans into action, and began making their Gladiator shields and battling weapons, linked to our World Awareness theme of the Coliseum. We cut shield bases from cardboard and then things got very sticky as we layered them with papier mâché. Pupils each had a length of wood to transform into a gladius, or dagger, or some chose to make a spear. We started by sanding the wood into a smooth point, and then next attaching a hilt and handle grip. On Monday we will be painting Roman designs onto our shields, and finishing off our daggers.   


Maths Passport Tests


Thursday 12th October

Ospreys did their Maths Passports mental recall test a day early this week, as Friday will be dedicated to making gladiator shields and our class assembly. Each week, pupils are given 6 minutes to complete 60 mental recall questions against the clock for the continent that they are working on. We did not have anyone moving continent today, but some pupils came very, very close to completing all their targets within the time limit. So, watch this space!


Cooking Italian Food for World Awareness


Wednesday 11th October, 2017

Today  Ospreys had a fun, busy and tasty day preparing focaccia sharing bread and Italian herb and tomato sauce. The whole class cooked together, working groups of four pupils, with an emphasis on cooperation and sharing, and we all ate our food together this afternoon.

We first prepared the foccaccia bread dough, using fresh yeast, flour, salt, olive oil and water. We mixed the dough by hand, and then took turns to knead it. While the dough was covered left to rise, we each have a hand in preparing the ingredients for the tomato and herb sauce: some chopped vegetables, some sliced tomatoes, some washed fresh herbs, and others took turns to stir the pot. 

The bread dough was shaped into sharing breads and topped with fresh herbs, olive oil and rock salt, before being left to prove, and then baked. We each tore leaves of fresh basil, sage, rosemary and parsley and dropped them into the sauce.

In the afternoon, we broke the bread together, and dipped chunks into the tomato and herb sauce.



Designing a Gladiator!


Tuesday, 10th October

Ospreys today learned about the exciting and dangerous lives of Roman gladiators, who were forced to fight to the death to entertain the crowds at The Coliseum. During World Awareness we will be making a gladiator dagger and shield in DT. Today we started the first part of the design process, looking at original Roman shields and weapons, deciding what we would be able to construct with the materials we are using, and drawing design sketches to show our ideas. Once our design sketches were done, we drew a picture of what our gladiator would like, dressed, armed and ready for combat in the arena. On Friday we will begin putting our plans into action, and use our design sketches to start making our shield and gladiator weapons.  

Facts about Italy


Tuesday 10th October

As part of our World Awareness studies focusing on The Coliseum in Rome, Ospreys today were set the task to research facts about Italy. We first talked about how to use a search engine effectively to find information, before using iPads to answer a set of questions about Italy and Italian life. Pupils had to work together to find the names of famous Italian landmarks, cities, artists and sportspeople, as well as drawing a picture of the Italian flag and the shape of  Italy.


Roman Gladiator Dance for World Awareness


Monday 9th October

Ospreys started the week with their first practice session of their dance, which they will perform on the final day of World Awareness, next Friday, 20th October. Our focus for World Awareness is The Coliseum, in Rome, so we will be doing different activities to learn about entertainment in the Roman Empire. The dance, coordinated by Mrs. Smith, will reflect the movements of Roman gladiators.