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Hello from all of the children in the Ospreys class of 2014/15 at Gastrells Primary School. Please enjoy browsing through our work and some of the activities that we get up to during our time in school. It’s a great class to be a part of.

Visit to Rodborough Church of St. Mary Magdalen


Topic and R.E Thursday, 7th December

Today Ospreys set off from school for a drizzly walk to Rodborough Church. We arrived to be met by Reverend Peter Francis, the vicar of the Church, who told us about how Christmas is celebrated in the church. We then explored inside and outside the church, to answer a questionnaire about the architectural features of the building, such as the tower, gothic arches, and stained glass windows. We learned about the special window at the church, dedicated to the memory of Reverend Audrey, the author of the Thomas the Tank Engine stories. We thanked the vicar for a really interesting visit, before setting off back to school in time for lunch.


Roman Aqueducts


Wednesday, 6th December

Ospreys have been learning about early constructions in our Topic work about architecture, and following on from a lesson about Roman arches, we today started making models of a Roman aqueduct. We looked at images of aqueducts and learned about how Romans built aqueducts to carry fresh water to the expanding populations of the cities of the empire. We then set about cutting up cardboard boxes, painting card to look like stone, and marking on brickwork patterns. Most of us managed to erect our three arches today. In our lesson next week we will be putting on the pillars, painting water and adding the final details.

Computing: Using Microsoft Publisher for Persuasive Writing


Tuesday 5th December

In Literacy this week, Ospreys have been planning a piece of writing, aiming to persuade someone that they should buy a particular toy. We have looked at the language used in advertising, and put together magpie word banks of useful words and phrases to use in our own writing. Over the next week we will be making and editing persuasive advertising posters using Publisher. In this afternoon’s lesson, we each opened a Publisher document and familiarised ourselves with the tools and commands, to see what you could do with it.

Maths: Times Table Rock Stars


Friday 1st December

How fast can you recall times tables answers?

Ospreys were put to the test this Friday as they got set up on Times Tables Rock Stars. Each pupil registered on the new maths app, using the iPads, creating an avatar and rock star name, before rocking their times tables. The app is designed to help pupils to develop the speed of their maths recall in a fun way, progressing up levels as you play, collecting accessories and moving up in rankings. Pupils can also access the app from home if they wish to build up their TT Rock Star profile.

P.E. – Tag Rugby


Friday 1st December

Ospreys went out onto the field on a wintry, chilly fingered Friday afternoon. We warmed up with some races across the field, before dividing into four teams, for two matches of tag rugby. This week, we used different teams to develop teamwork and passing play. Pupils are showing great progress in running with the ball and linking together passing.

Science: Sun homework project


Ospreys were given a project, to find out facts about the Sun, to complement their learning about light and shadow in science this term. Pupils came up with some wonderful and creative ways in which to present their knowledge and research, with models, paintings, diagrams, drawings and even a sun made of dough used to show what they had learned at home. Yesterday, we put out all the projects in class, and rotated around the tables to see each other’s work. The projects have now been used to make a display for our science wall in our classroom.



Science: investigating shadows


Monday 27th November

What is a shadow? How is a shadow made? These were the questions Ospreys were grappling with in their science lesson with Mr. Deacon this week. Pupils used a torch as a light source, to look at the shadows made by different objects, and then investigated how the size of a shadow is affected by how far away the light source is.


Tag Rugby


Friday 24th November

It was great to have some Autumn sunshine for our P.E. Lesson on the field on Friday afternoon. To warm up and practice our passing skills, Ospreys lined up in their four teams of seven, to pass the ball along the line from one pupil to the next. The person at the end of the chain receiving the ball then had to run, with the ball, to the front of the line, and the winning team was the first with the ball back back at the start. We then put our passing into practice as we separated into two games of tag rugby. Thanks to Aggie for taking these photos again for our blog.


Roman Arches and Architecture 


Wednesday 22nd November

 In this week’s Topic lesson about architecture with Ms. Brooks, Ospreys learned about how and why Romans used arches in their construction. We looked at images of Roman amphitheatres and aqueducts to note the different ways in which arches were used. We did an investigation to find out which type of arch was the strongest: a tall, narrow arch, or a low, wide arch? Using arched card and pillars made of books, we tested how many dice each type of arch would hold. Which type of arch do you think was the strongest?