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About ospreys2015

Hello from all of the children in the Ospreys class of 2014/15 at Gastrells Primary School. Please enjoy browsing through our work and some of the activities that we get up to during our time in school. It’s a great class to be a part of.

Computing: Safer Internet Day 2018


Wednesday 7th February

In computing this week, Ospreys learned about using the internet safely, and began making their own e-safety posters. We discussed how we use the internet and how it helps us to communicate, and to share ideas and information. We looked at the risks there can be when posting and communicating on line, and what precautions we can take to keep ourselves safe. Pupils also completed a safer internet day quiz. Over the next few weeks pupils will learn more on this topic and add to their e-safety posters.


Gymnastics Sharing


Wednesday 7th February

After developing and improving their routines over the past few weeks, Ospreys today performed their floor routines to Peregrines Class in the Gymnastics Sharing. Pupils performed their paired routines of balances, rolls and movements, focusing on holding and controlling their shapes and poses. Two of our pupils, who perform gymnastics competitively outside school, also performed solo routines they have done recently in competition.

Art Week: Pop Art Collages


Friday 2nd February

After focussing on Andy Warhol earlier in the week, Ospreys today looked at two British artists who had an influence on his work. The pop art of Richard Hamilton and Peter Blake uses images taken from fashion magazine advertising, cartoons and celebrity photographs and places them into collages, to create pictures that are ‘modern, fun, and funny’. Ospreys got to work cutting out pictures from magazines and newspapers, and used their imagination and humour to come up with some great ideas. We will see the finished collages next week.

Art Week: Using ICT to produce and format images


In their computing lesson this week, Ospreys used Publisher software to reproduce and format images. We have been learning about the use of celebrity faces, such as Marylin Monroe, Elvis, and Mohammed Ali, in the work of POP artists such as Andy Warhol. Each pupil chose an image of a favourite current celebrity and pasted this into a Publisher page. The image was then copied, pasted repeatedly and evenly aligned on the page. One set of images were printed in black and white, to be coloured by hand. Another set of images were reformatted using editing tools and commands in Publisher, adjusting the contrast, colour and transparency of each individual image to create a series of POP Art effects.

Art week: Still Life Studies


Ospreys have been learning about the work of the Pop artist Andy Warhol for Art Week. Pupils completed a reading comprehension about his life and creative ideas. We then discussed his most famous series of paintings of Campbell’s Soup, and used his ideas to do a still life study of an everyday, iconic branded food product. Pupils first sketched their chosen item into their sketch books, before starting a larger sketch and panting it. Our finished paintings will feature on a display of our different activities for Art Week.

Ospreys’ visit to Gloucester Mosque and Cathedral


Monday 29th January

Ospreys had a very busy day on Monday, learning all about two contrasting places of worship. We were first welcomed to Masjid E Noor Mosque, where the Imam told us about the importance of daily prayer for Muslims. We were shown around the Wudu wash rooms, and then got to try on some Islamic clothing accessories, with headscarves, long cotton shirts and hats. After leaving the Mosque, we walked through the centre of Gloucester to the cathedral. We split into groups to do different activities. We learned about remembrance and prayer and made clay candle holders. We looked at story portrayed on the altar and made silver communion chalices. We thought about worship and looked in detail at a modern stained glass window. We learned about Christian pilgrimage and each made a badge. Thankyou to all the volunteers at the Mosque and cathedral, who helped to give us such a fantastic day!

Ospreys’ visit to Forest Green Rovers’ New Lawn Stadium


Friday 26th January

Ospreys had an exciting day at Forest Green on Friday! We started by thinking about the food we eat and where it comes from. Pupils were set the task of designing three meals for someone following a vegan diet. Next we did some dribbling practice, and played a game in teams, collecting as many footballs as possible for your team. After lunch we were shown around the stadium, looking at all the environmentally friendly features of the site, such as the electric car charging pumps, solar roof panels, water recycling, and the automated mow-bot. We looked at the model for the planned new stadium, and we also visited the first team dressing room and found out about the ice bath. After that we met Rovers’ keeper, Sam Russell, who signed our FGR shirts and certificates. We had our photo taken with Sam and the Vanarama trophy. Finally we said a big thankyou to everyone at Forest Green for such an interesting and fun day.