Ospreys Autumn Newsletter 2015

We will be learning about some of the different poetic devices used in poetry, from rhythm to alliteration. We will also be reading poems, discussing them and learning some poems. In fiction our focus will be on traditional stories as well as different stories by the same author. Non-fiction involves working with and writing non chronological reports.

We will be extending our understanding of place value, adding, subtracting, multiplication and division. Measuring and time will also be worked on.

Materials, changes that can happen to them and their suitability for different purposes are the main things we are investigating plus how things move on different materials.

Our history topic this term is ‘The Great Fire of London’ and the ‘Titanic’.

PE is in two parts, before half term we will be working on dance. After half term we will be swimming each week at the local pool.
Collages made from different materials and drawing will be the main areas of study.

In RE we will be studying some of the main stories of Christianity.

D&T is linked to Science and The Great Fire of London. We will be looking at and making things from different materials as well as doing a little food technology (cooking bread).

Atlases, maps and globes will be used as well as building on our understanding of where we are in the world, looking at where the continents, oceans, hot and cold regions and the equator are located. As we are lucky enough to be studying Japan during World Awareness, we will also be investigating similarities and differences between the UK and Japan.

This term we are going to be taking photographs, researching information from the internet and word processing word processing some of our work. E-Safety will be continually talked about and built on.

In music we will be listening to music as well as extending our singing.

Spellings will be given weekly & need to be practised regularly.
To extend their reading & comprehension skills, it would really help if children could try & read every night & talk about what they have read to an adult.
Other homework will be given each week e.g. maths (based on work we are currently focusing on), writing or investigation work to build up knowledge of a topic etc.
Don’t forget to check out what we get up to on a weekly basis on our class blog: https://ospreysclassgastrells.wordpress.com


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