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Wednesday 15th July 2020

Morning Ospreys! Today is your last day of school work! I can’t believe we are almost through an entire year. You have all been incredible, even more so during this crazy lock down. Here are your tasks for today;

Maths- I would like you to have a go at pictograms today:) https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/articles/z493hcw

English- This is a game you can play with anyone. Choose a topic (e.g. animals) and go through the alphabet with a partner and name an animal for each letter. You take it in turns with each letter, for example partner one chooses ape, partner two chooses baboon, partner one chooses cheetah etc.

Topic- Take a look at sport in science; https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/articles/zrbtjsg

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Tuesday 14th July 2020

Hey Ospreys

Sorry for the lateness yesterday, we didn’t get the internet until lunchtime- was all a bit weird! Today’s task focuses on next year. I would like you to list 6 goals you would like to achieve next year. 3 of these goals need to be academic (for example, achieve 10/10 in your spellings 3 weeks in a row, move up a maths passport before Christmas etc.). Make sure it is challenging and something you need to work for! You also need to list 3 targets which are non-academic (e.g. represent the school in a sports team, say your lines in assembly without having the words in front of you). I will create an activity on Seesaw for you to respond to, so please post your answers here.

I would love you to play some games on TT Rockstars . I have created a session from 9am-3pm, asking you to complete 20 minutes of studio games. I will be able to see your scores from school:)

Your third task for today is to write a book review of your favourite fiction book. I have attached a template if you would like to use it, but you may also design your own.


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Monday 13th July 2020

Morning Ospreys! I’m so sorry for the delay, the internet at school is down so I’m posting from my phone. For those of you who wish to, please complete the lessons on BBC Bitesize today. I will attach the link here- https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/tags/zmyxxyc/year-3-and-p4-lessons

It was so lovely seeing you last week, I’m really looking forward to September! I’m hoping the internet is back for tomorrow so I can upload some of the tasks I had originally planned!

Miss Kelly☺️

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W/C 6th July

Good Morning Ospreys! Welcome to another week:) I’m super excited to see some of you this week! For those of you who aren’t in, I have a little Summer activities booklet for you to complete over the week. I won’t setting work each day as there is plenty in here to keep you going! I will attach two levels for you and you can choose whichever suits you:)

Year 2 Summer Maths Activities

Year 3 Summer Booklet – Questions

You do not need to upload these onto Seesaw, but please drop me an email so I know you’re all safe and well!

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Friday 3rd July 2020

Happy FriYAY Ospreys! As the weather looks pants today, I want you to do some activities you enjoy. I am so proud with how well you have handled lock down and I’m SO excited to see lots of you next week. I’ll still be with year 6 but I’ll be popping up outside your classroom all the time. Miss Richardson will be taking you and is very excited to see you all. I would like you to focus on something called self-care today. Self-care is looking after yourself by doing things you enjoy. This could be watching a film (whilst munching on popcorn!), doing some baking, playing Lego, tidying your room, building a den, creating a masterpiece- it could be anything! I am seriously so proud of you all, you deserve the day off.

Love Miss Kelly x

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Thursday 2nd July 2020

Hi Ospreys! I hope you are enjoying your week so far- it’s nearly Friday! Thank you so much for your topic suggestions, they were most helpful at our staff meeting yesterday:) Here is your work for today;

English- https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/articles/zr2vtrd

Maths- Making 3D shapes



Y3-Summer-Block-3-ANS9-Make-3D-shapes-2020- ANSWERS

Topic- I would like you to get busy in the kitchen today! Whether that means helping with dinner or cooking/baking a new creation- anything! Post your results on Seesaw:)

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Wednesday 1st July 2020

Well Ospreys, we have made it to July! I am super excited about seeing some of you next week (apologies to those I confused earlier, I had the wrong timetable!). Although I won’t be teaching you on those three days, I’ll still be popping by to see you:) Here is your work for today;

English- https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/articles/zmmvtrd

Maths- Recognising and describing 3D shapes



Y3-Summer-Block-3-ANS8-Recognise-and-describe-3D-shapes-2020- ANSWERS

Topic- https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/articles/zvb2kty

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Tuesday 30th June 2020

Morning Ospreys! I am loving your suggestions for topics next year, keep the ideas flowing! Here is your work for today;


Maths- Recognising and describing 2D shapes



Y3-Summer-Block-3-ANS7-Recognise-and-describe-2D-shapes-2020- ANSWERS

Topic- Design a new bedroom with a budget. You have £1000 to design the inside of your bedroom! Use websites (e.g. IKEA, Next, Argos etc) to select different items and write a list of the cost of each item you select. You can either draw your room or copy and paste pictures and create it digitally.

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Monday 29th June 2020

Good morning Ospreys:) I hope you enjoyed your weekends, it was nice to have some chill time! Here is your work for today;

English- https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/articles/z4k6wnb

Maths- Parallel and perpendicular



Y3-Summer-Block-3-ANS6-Parallel-and-perpendicular-2020- ANSWERS

Topic- I am creating a discussion on Seesaw and would like you to contribute your ideas. This week, the KS2 teachers and I will be deciding our topics for next year and I thought it would be nice to get your input. Login to Seesaw and add your response to the assigned post.

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Friday 26th June 2020

Happy Friday Ospreys!I hope you have all had wonderful weeks and are looking forward to the weekend! Here is today’s work;

English- https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/articles/zn2x8hv

Maths- Horizontal and vertical



Y3-Summer-Block-3-ANS5-Horizontal-and-vertical-2020- ANSWERS

Topic- Watch this video and have a go at making your own ice cubes and ice lollies! Mix up the ingredients, use different flavours- post your results on Seesaw! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D3IF7wzuxIw