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Making and Tasting Ginger Beer.


Ospreys learnt how to make ginger beer on Tuesday. The children were divided into 3 groups with each group following a different recipe. After the beer had been made each one was tasted. The most popular recipe was the ‘Cheat’s Ginger Beer’ recipe however it wasn’t as popular as the mass produced one we also tried! We need to practise more!


Making Sandwiches


Ospreys had fun making sandwiches this morning. They had a choice of using brown or white bread, cheese,tomatoes, cucumber,salt and pepper. The children worked together in pairs, spreading butter,slicing cheese,cutting tomatoes and cucumber. Ospreys tucked into their sandwiches as an added treat. Fun pictures below showing the children making and enjoying their sandwiches.



Andy Salmon(Sir Linkalot) came to work with the whole school on Thursday 12th January. Andy showed us all how to use a large range of links to improve and extend our abilities in spellings.The children really enjoyed the day and got a lot from Andy coming in to show them the links.

If you would like to have a look at Sir Linkalot’s website the link is below:

Ospreys Brazilian Assembly.


On Friday 18th November, Ospreys shared their Brazilian adventure with the rest of the school and their parents.The children enjoyed showing all their craft work off and sharing all the facts they had found out about Brazil. Ospreys sang a beautiful Spanish song about a rabbit to end an exciting, fact filled assembly.Thankyou to Carolina for teaching Ospreys the beautiful song.