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Meet Tin Tin the Robot


We made this collage as part of our D & T project. We had great fun making it and learnt about different materials as well as symmetry.


@bristol 🚍 🌎


Recently, the Ospreys visited @bristol to learn all about space and the solar system! Captain Pete took us on an adventure around all of the planets with the help of the children. There were so many learning stations that we could not possibly list them all, from bubble stretching to animation! It was a fun filled day of learning and activities… Here are some photos we took to share with you. 


Magical Materials


 In Science we are investigating materials. This week we were finding out which material is the best at keeping things warm. We put hot water in 6 different cups and wrapped them in newspaper, cling film, toy stuffin, tinfoil, think and thin fabric. We all took turns at measuring the temperature of the water. We found that toy stuffing was the best material to keep the water warm. Science is fun!