Literacy and Computing: persuasive writing posters using MS Publisher


Ospreys have been looking at the different kinds of language used in advertising, which aims to persuade people to buy a product. Pupils each chose a toy they would like to have, and wrote a piece of persuasive writing, aiming to convince someone that they should buy it for them. We then transferred our writing into a Publisher document, using tools to add images and format the text.


Art & Literacy: The Diary of Outstanding Ospreys!


Friday 12th January

In our Art lesson this week, Ospreys looked at the art work of the children’s author and illustrator Liz Pichon, who created the Tom Gates stories. Liz Pichon uses doodle style pictures and decorated text to illustrate the stories of Tom Gates. Ospreys watched some clips of her at work, before having a go at creating their own illustrated cover page for the diary recount they have been writing in literacy this week. The recounts will have an alliterative title, e.g. ‘The Diary of a Bubbly Boy’, and will recount a whole day, as remembered by each pupil.

Alliteration with Adjectives


Thursday, 11th January

In Literacy, Ospreys were set the task of finding as many adjectives as they could, using alliterative adjectives to describe a boy and a girl. Pupils also found adjectives beginning with the same letter sound as their own. We used dictionaries and thesaurus to find our words. We will use our favourite alliterative phrases for the titles of our diary recounts.