Maths Passport Movers!


Just four weeks into Year 3, and already Ospreys are making great progress with their Maths Passports targets. Six pupils have moved up to the next continent on their maths journey so far this term. Well done! 



Sports Day


Wow! What a scorcher! Ospreys took part in a very hot Sports Day yesterday. They jumped obstacles, skipped on the spot, threw javelins and did shuttle runs. After having a picnic on the field with parent and grandparents they were ready to run the races. All the children enjoyed themselves and Ospreys would like to thank Sean for representing them in the staff race. 

Climbing the walls


After a very exciting few days, Ospreys had more fun by going to the Climbing Wall in Gloucester on Friday 23rd June. Ospreys were joined by Peregrines in this adrenaline packed morning. During the morning the children climbed walls, went into caves and played special games on a wall that lit up with red lights. All the children had so much fun that all the way home they couldn’t stop talking about all their achievements on the climbing wall.

Ospreys said goodbye to Mr Brown after their trip . Ospreys would like to say Thankyou to Mr Brown and wish him well for  the future.

The Crayon plays


Ospreys performed 2 fantastic plays over 2 days. The day the crayons quit and the day the crayons came home were brought to life by a very enthusiastic class. The Ospreys had lots of fun learning new acting skills, learning all their lines and songs. Ospreys would like to say a big thank you to everyone who helped them make their performance so fantastic.

Making and Tasting Ginger Beer.


Ospreys learnt how to make ginger beer on Tuesday. The children were divided into 3 groups with each group following a different recipe. After the beer had been made each one was tasted. The most popular recipe was the ‘Cheat’s Ginger Beer’ recipe however it wasn’t as popular as the mass produced one we also tried! We need to practise more!