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Butterfly Art Installation at Rodborough Church

On Wednesday morning Ospreys walked to Rodborough Church to see the finished art installation featuring the butterflies, caterpillars, and eggs that the children made a couple of weeks ago, with local artists Susie Walker and Lorraine de Col. Susie and Lorraine have used models made by pupils in Gastrells and Rodborough Schools, to create a giant mobile, suspended from the church ceiling above a sculpture of a cowslip flower, The whole colourful installation is made from recycled materials, and is part of this year’s RodBorough Hidden Gardens Project. We were all really impressed with the giant installation, and Ospreys were excited to see where their own personal caterpillars and butterflies had been used. As you can see, the children’s work brought lots of Summer colour to the church. The whole installation will be moved to the Museum in the Park later in the Summer, to feature in the Festival of Nature.

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Butterfly Making Day

Today Ospreys were visited by local artists Lorraine De Col and Susie Walker, to make butterfly sculptures for an art installation which will feature in Rodborough Hidden Gardens Project. We started by each making a caterpillar from recycled materials, tying strips of fabric around a foam body to form a multi coloured caterpillar. After break we were split into three groups, each with a different task: painting leaves and making flower stamen, making chrysalis cocoons, and decorating caterpillar eggs. After lunch everyone worked together to create butterflies, using translucent coloured layers stuck into a butterfly template. Ospreys had fantastic fun making all the sculptures, and also took time to draw some great caterpillar pictures. We are looking forward to seeing all our finished sculptures put together as an installation, which will be on display at Rodborough Church and then later at the Museum in the Park for the Festival of Nature.


Butterflies on Display

In our Art lesson this week, we studied images of different species of butterfly, looking closely at the intricate patterns and marking on their wings, before having a go at creating a careful pencil sketch. We looked at six different species, including the rare Adonis Blue and Duke of Burgundy, which are both to be found on Rodborough Common. We folded our drawing paper in half, to help to keep our butterfly sketches symmetrical. We coloured our sketches using paint and pencil colours, matching the colours of the butterfly species as closely as possible. Our finished pictures were then cut out, and given antennae made from modelling wire. These butterflies will go on to our display board in class, alongside printed PowerPoint slides with facts about butterflies, which Ospreys have been creating in Computing lessons. Come in and see our colourful butterfly display!