Locally based author and illustrator Tom Percival took time out to visit Gastrells and give a whole school talk on writing and illustrating books. It was a great presentation and all the children were inspired by what they heard. Tom, known for his Little Legends books for children as well as Herman’s Letter and Herman’s Vacation  plus others and the illustrations he produced for Skulduggery Pleasant, was happy to join Ospreys Class for a photo. Adam said “Tom has inspired me to be an author when I grow up.” Meanwhile Millie explained that she was impressed by Tom’s books because they were “funny, interesting and especially magnificent.” In fact it would be safe to say that Tom was an around hit.


The Flight of the Ospreys.

Arrows flew through the air today when Ospreys took a lesson in archery. After a safety talk , the children were shown how to load an arrow onto the bow before aiming for a target. The children were given the chance to earn points on a different target after a little practise. They took to it like an Osprey takes to the air!

Holly said, ” I loved learning about archery.”

Sam  replied, “It was fantastic.”

Ospreys throughly enjoyed the experience of learning a new skill and will continue their learning next week too.