Fun PE update!

Ospreys are really enjoying their time working with Sean from Atlas Sports. They are continuing to extend their abilities in throwing and catching whilst having fun. Sean is teaching the Ospreys to play different games and warm up games, their favourite game is playing cat and mouse. Cat and mouse is one of the warm up games which Ospreys will continue to use in their PE lessons. Look at our fantastic pictures below to see how much fun we are having as well as learning our new games with Sean.

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Ospreys Brazilian Assembly.

On Friday 18th November, Ospreys shared their Brazilian adventure with the rest of the school and their parents.The children enjoyed showing all their craft work off and sharing all the facts they had found out about Brazil. Ospreys sang a beautiful Spanish song about a rabbit to end an exciting, fact filled assembly.Thankyou to Carolina for teaching Ospreys the beautiful song.


Partnered Reading.

Every Monday afternoon Ospreys have the treat of sharing their fantastic reading skills with Goshawks. Half of Ospreys go down to the Goshawks classroom and half of the Goshawks children come up to the Ospreys classroom. The children have so much fun reading to the Goshawks and they enjoy the Goshawks reading to them, Ospreys look forward to this fantastic treat every Monday afternoon.

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Christmas is coming,the goose is getting fat,please put a penny in Ospreys hat.

Ospreys have started making some fantastic,colourful wreaths for Christmas. Look out for all the colourful creations outside Ospreys classroom as you walk through school. These brilliant Christmas wreaths are what Ospreys are making for the Christmas fair.


Learning New Skills in PE

Ospreys had a surprise on Wednesday,as Sean from Atlas Sports came in to work with them. Sean showed the children some exciting new games using their throwing and catching skills. After some warm up exercises, Ospreys worked in teams developing their throwing and catching skills.Ospreys really enjoyed working with Sean and they had lots of fun learning the fun games.Sean is going to be working with Ospreys until the end of term,all the children are really excited about learning these exciting new skills.


More Conker fun!

Ospreys had lots of fun playing conkers outside in the Autumn sunshine. Mrs Nicholls and Mrs Prochaski  joined in the competition and the children had lots of fun trying to beat them in the competition. Everybody were winners and the children loved every minute of playing conkers. Thank you to Tom for bringing in all the conkers.