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Ospreys have made and decorated letters to make a special banner for Mrs Merriman. The banner will let everybody know when Mrs Merriman’s door is open or when Mrs Merriman is in a meeting. The children used many different techniques to make such a fantastic banner. Ospreys presented the banner to Mrs Merriman on Thursday. 


London’s burning!


This morning Ospreys burnt down their Tudor houses. It was amazing to see how quickly Fire can spread. This will help the children to write a letter home, from the point of view of someone who was living in London in 1666, during the great fire.

Making Brazilian Masks with Julie


Julie Fowler came into Ospreys on Thursday 20th October to do some clay work. Ospreys made some fantastic masks, they took ideas from pictures they had been shown on the computer by Mrs Nicholls.Ospereys were very happy with their finished masks and are looking forward to painting them in the coming weeks. Ospreys would like to say a big thank you to Julie for coming to work with them and to all the parents that helped.



Ospreys have been making their very own Rainsticks. They have painted kitchen rolls with colourful paint,then they have cut circles out of colourful paper to make the ends of the Rainsticks. The Ospreys scrunched up a line of tinfoil which was going inside their sticks before choosing to put lentils,pasta or rice in the Rainsticks. The Ospreys are having lots of fun making the Rainsticks.

Autumn leaves in watercolours.


On a sunny autumn afternoon, Ospreys went out onto the playground to paint their leaves using watercolours. The children looked at the colours of their leaves which had been kept back from last week. Ospreys have sketched their leaves as well as painting them and are enjoying looking at the different colours and shapes of leaves.