Maths: Addition with two digit numbers


In Maths lessons this week, Ospreys have been using their knowledge of place value to add together two and three digit numbers. We also learned how to easily add near multiples of ten, such as 9, 19, and 49, by adding on 10, then taking away 1. Pupils made excellent progress with this, and next week we will look at subtracting near multiples of ten using a similar strategy.


More Maths Passport Success!


Ospreys continue to make impressive progress with Maths Passports this term. This week we have two more pupils, whose hard work on their Passport homework tasks has paid off, and sees them moving up to the next continent. Well done both of you!

Frankie’s Magic Football Reading Challenge


Four weeks ago I bought a series of books for Ospreys Class, written by former England footballer, Frank Lampard. The set, comprised of eleven books, tells of the adventures of Frankie, and his magic football, which takes him to a different world in each story. The set of books came with a free Frankie’s Magic Football kit bag, and so I set the challenge that the first person who could read all eleven books, recorded correctly in their reading log, and successfully answer questions on the stories, would receive the kit bag as a prize.

Well done to this Osprey, pictured here with his new Frankie kit bag, who was the first to read all eleven adventures!

Remembrance Poppies for Soldiers of Rodborough


To mark one hundred years of Remembrance this November, Ospreys are learning about World War One in their Topic lessons this term. We have read stories and personal accounts of people’s experiences of the Great War, and learned about how Britain came to be involved. We have also looked at how people were recruited to help with the war effort. In our Art and Design lesson on Friday, we each made a poppy. Each pupil copied a name to put on their poppy from the war memorial we saw on our visit to Rodborough Church, which commemorates all the men of Rodborough Parish who lost their lives during 1914-18. You can now see all the poppies on our Remembrance display outside Ospreys classroom.

Fireworks Pictures


Linked to our work with poetry in Literacy, Ospreys created images to go with their fireworks poems in our Art lesson. We first experimented with using different techniques with chalk pastels on black paper; smudging, smearing and blurring colours to create fireworks effects. We then used the pastel colours to create a fireworks night scene. Some pupils cut out drawn figures to include in their picture. The final touch was a sparkle of glitter against the night sky.

Remembrance: Visit to Britain’s first ever War Memorial


On Wednesday, 14th November, Ospreys class walked along the cycle track to visit The Church of the Annunciation, in Woodchester, where the first ever war memorial, erected in 1916, still stands. The Wayside cross bears the names of 144 people who died in WWI, and was started during the War. We learned about the history of the Wayside Cross, and were shown pictures of crowds gathered at its opening in 1916.

We then walked through the churchyard, and found many War Commission graves for soldiers from both world wars. Pupils were then shown around the inside of the church, which was built by the Leigh family, who also owned nearby Woodchester Mansion. Finally, we all said a big ‘Thankyou!’ to Mrs. Bethel, who volunteered her time to welcome us to this beautiful and unique church.

Ospreys Visit to Rodborough Church of St. Mary Magdalen


Thursday, 8th November

Ospreys set off from school to walk to Rodborough Church on Thursday. There we were met by Reverend Peter Francis, who showed around the church and told us how Remembrance would be marked at the church. The War Memorials for Rodborough are on the walls inside the church. Pupils were able to find the memorial for World War One, and could read some of the fifty five local names listed on it. Revd. Francis also showed us a special stained glass window at the church, dedicated to a local man killed in action in the Great War, showing a soldier praying to Jesus in a war torn landscape. We then moved out to investigate the churchyard. Pupils were given the task of finding the five War Commission graves from WW1 that can be found in the graveyard, and recording the names, service numbers and regiments of the men remembered there. We all said thankyou to Revd. Francis for welcoming us to the church before walking back in time for lunch.

Year 3/4 Football vs. Callowell


Well done to everyone from Gastrells who played a great friendly match against Callowell School after today. The whole team made a gallant effort, but were four nil down at half time following some great individual goals from Callowell. Excellent defending and goalkeeping kept the score line down in the second half, and a goal from Gastrells finally came five minutes before the end.

Art of Argentina: collage in the style of Antonio Berni


Ospreys learned about the life and work of the Argentinian artist Antonio Berni, as part of our class World Awareness weeks. We learned that Berni eventually gave up painting to focus on sculpted collages, telling stories of the lives of two fictional characters, Juanito and Romona. We looked at different works that he created throughout his life, from early surrealist paintings to later scrap collages. He often used recycled waste materials to make his pictures, and in his work shows how people are causing pollution. Ospreys used lots of different materials for their collages, sticking pieces on to a black background to make a picture. Pupils finished their pictures with painted colours.