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Wednesday 1st April 2020

Discussion- if you could live in a fictional world, where would you choose? Why? E.g Narnia, Wonderland, Never Neverland etc

Reading- practice reading as if you were giving a speech. Find somewhere you can stand up smartly, shoulders back, head up and speak as if you were addressing an audience.

Writing- write an acrostic poem of the Minotaur, describing the beast. If it helps, use/create a new bank of words, for example adjectives, similes etc.

Maths- now that you can multiply using a 3 digit number, can you work out how to multiply a 4/5/6 or 7 digit number?! How did you work it out? Is the method similar? Make up your own sums and trial the method. Use a calculator to check your answers.

Main task- get creative in the kitchen. Either get involved in making lunch or dinner or bake something different. (Remember to ask an adult and work under their supervision!)

Ospreys task- can you balance a teaspoon on your nose?

Home Learning, Ospreys

Hi Ospreys!I’ve just been able to log on (FINALLY!) to Seesaw today and I’m blown away with the amazing work you have all sent me. Well done!! Don’t forget, if you haven’t already then listen to the fantastic Gastrells podcast by Mr Muskett that I posted on Friday- there’s a chance for you guys to send your own clips in and feature in this weeks round up! Here are your tasks for the day;Discussion task- what do you want to be when you grow up and why?Reading task- read a book or magazine to a family member/friend over FaceTime/phone. Remember, it’s not always about reading it quickly and getting it over and done with- think about your tone of voice. We practiced this when rehearsing our lines a couple of weeks ago. Try to mix up the tone and level of your voice so you don’t sound like a robot!Maths task- you will need a piece of paper, a pencil, a dice or a pack of cards (if you have neither then you can just make it up!). Roll the dice three times/turn three cards over to get a three digit number. Choose a number from your passport to multiply this by. (North/South Africa- 2&5, Australasia- 2,3,4,5, Antarctica- 2,3,4,5,6,8, North/South America- 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9). Work out the answer using our written method of multiplication. Send me photos on Seesaw of your workings and earn a team point!Main task- Design a new sports kit for Gastrells. Don’t forget to include tops, bottoms, socks and hoodies appropriate for ALL children to wear. You can do this online or by hand, using colouring pencils, felt tips, paint, anything you want! Please share your works of art on Seesaw!Ospreys task- create a piece of origami and share a photo of it on Seesaw!

Home Learning, Ospreys

Monday 30th March 2020

Hi Ospreys!! I hope you’ve had a fabulous weekend!! I’ve completed my daily walks, attempted some yoga, played with the dog and did some more drawing. What have you guys been up to? I’ve listed your tasks below for today- please look for the maths video on Seesaw, explaining how to multiply by 3 digit numbers!

Discussion- if you could have a super power, what would it be and why?

Reading- read 30 minutes of non-fiction, based on wildlife (animals in particular).

Writing- write a letter to a member of your family that doesn’t live in your house. It will cheer them up and remind them that you’re thinking of them☺️

Maths- work out the following and decide which results in the biggest amount. Would you rather;

98×4 or 56×8

63×4 or 64×3

42×9 or 76×4

19×9 or 91×2

71×8 or 82×7

Challenge- 129×5, 362×4, 495×5

PE- design and then build an obstacle course in your garden. Time yourself how long it takes to complete it. Can you beat your score? Can anyone in your household beat your time? I will be giving 2 team points to children who upload their inventive courses onto Seesaw!

Ospreys task- how many star jumps can you do in 1 minute?

Home Learning

Friday 27th March 2020

Discussion task- What would happen if we had eyes in the back of our heads as well as at the front?

Reading task- Free reading Friday!! Find a spot in the garden (or wherever you fancy!) and read for 30 minutes. Find 10 words in the book you haven’t written before and write each word 3 times (this can be done in pencil, pen, chalk on the garden pavement, paint, modelled out of clay etc.).

Maths task- Spend some time on TT Rockstars- can you beat your high score? Can you make up a song to help you remember a set of times tables from your passport?

Main task- Reply to my post on Seesaw, talking about how you have found home learning this week and answer the following questions;

1. How have you found home learning this week?

2. What was the best part?

3.What could be improved?

4. What would you like to learn about/what would you like me to set for you over the coming weeks?

5. Tell me a joke!

Have a lovely weekend, remember to do lots of fun activities, get some fresh air (even if it’s just in the garden!) be creative and laugh lots.

Look after each other and stay safe.

Miss Kelly x

Home Learning, Ospreys

Thursday 26th March 2020

Discussion task- Do you agree with wearing school uniform? Can you think of reasons why AND why it’s not a good idea?

Reading task- choose a non-fiction book/magazine/newspaper and read in your favourite reading spot for 30 minutes.

Main task- take a safe walk outside.

-What adjectives can you think of to describe what you can see?

-Take some photos of the surrounding area.

-Play a game on the walk, get your heart racing by exercising!

-How many different flowers can you find on your walk? (Remember- don’t pick them if they are still growing!).

-Can you make a face out of pieces of nature lying around? It would be great to see some photos of them on Seesaw!

Maths task- make up a game to play with someone that will help improve your times table knowledge (like the card games we play in class). You can use any equipment that you may need.

Home Learning

Wednesday 25th March 2020

Discussion task- As we were supposed to be performing our play this week, today’s discussion task is to explain to someone who your favourite film character is and why. What makes them a good character? Has the actor been in any other films?

Reading task- Answer the following questions from ‘Who Let The Gods Out’;

Writing task- We looked at diary entries before breaking up. I would like you to use your descriptive language from yesterday to write a diary entry as if YOU were trapped in the labyrinth today. You have access to today’s technology and media, but you are stuck in King Minos’ labyrinth and need to get out! Make it as exciting as possible. REMEMBER- first person, past tense, powerful verbs, exciting adjectives, time connectives and punctuation.

(E.G. Dear Diary

Today was one of the most horrific days I’ve ever experienced. I was as scared as a mouse running from a hunting cat. I spent hours gingerly trudging around the dark, damp and disgusting labyrinth, searching for the beastly Minotaur. I came across pools of blood, filled with shattered bones, oozing intestines and rotten flesh. The smell made my nostrils quiver, I’d never smelt anything quite so repulsive. Then, out of nowhere, came a blood curdling scream. It must be another prisoner. I reached for my phone with my sweaty and shaking hand, to find that I had no signal- what was wrong with this place?!)

Maths task- Complete the following problems using written multiplication

North/South Africa;

Australasia, Antarctica and America’s;

Ospreys task- Learn to count to 10 in a different language!

Home Learning

Tuesday 24th March 2020

Discussion- Who is your role model? Are they famous or someone you know? What makes them your role model?

Writing task- Thinking about our descriptive writing from within the labyrinth before we broke up, can you write as many descriptive words and phrases as you can to describe the inside of the labyrinth. Think about the vocabulary we used in our writing in the last couple of weeks- adjectives, similes, metaphors etc. For example; crooked and cobbled corridors; an atmosphere as cold as ice; intestines squelching and oozing; damp, dark and disgusting etc.

Reading Task- Please read chapter 1 of Who let the Gods out (This is on Seesaw) and answer the following questions;

Maths task- Can you solve the following questions by using a written method of multiplication?

N/S AfricaAustralasiaAntarcticaN/S AmericaBonnie

Challenge- 243×4, 456×5, 835×5, 903×6 and 297×8

Topical task- Create a piece of art based on Ancient Greece. This could be made from any resources and equipment. It can be done by hand or on an electronic device. This will be the topical task for Wednesday and Thursday too, so be as creative as possible!

Ospreys task- Whilst throwing a tennis ball into the air, how many times can you clap before catching it?

Home Learning

Monday 23rd March 2020

Discussion topic- If you had to choose an animal to turn into, what would you choose and why? What are the benefits and the drawbacks to being this animal?

Writing task– can you upgrade these sentences? (Remember to improve the verbs, add adjectives and adverbs and use powerful descriptive language, like similes).

  1. I opened the door.
  2. The penguin walked across the ice towards the water.
  3. The bear went through the woods to eat some food.

Can you write a descriptive paragraph about a deserted castle, using lots of adjectives, adverbs, similes and powerful verbs? You can write this in first (me/I) or third (he/she) person.

Reading task- Find somewhere comfy and cosy to sit (maybe make a den if you fancy?) and read for 30 minutes. Write a comment on the ‘reading’ post on Seesaw, telling me the name of the book you read.

Maths task– time to create your own sums! You can make up your own 2 digit numbers to multiply by any 1-digit number (it is a good idea to link these to your maths passport; if you are in North/South Africa, make sure your 1-digit number is 2 or 5; if you are Australasia, make sure your 1-digit number is 2,3,4 or 5; if you are Antarctica, make sure your 1-digit number is 3,4,6 or 8; if you are in North or South America, make sure your 1-digit number is 4,6,7,8 or 9). Try to challenge yourself by choosing a 1-digit number you find trickier.

Topical task- Design a warm up for a PE lesson, using any equipment you can think of. Write a list of equipment needed then instructions on how to complete the warm up. Include diagrams / photos if this helps!

Ospreys task- how long can you balance on one leg for, with your eyes closed?